Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to VERYCHAT, a safe and convenient Web3 chat platform! This Acceptable Use Policy establishes the rules to ensure proper behavior when using VERYCHAT.

This policy, part of the VERYCHAT Terms of Service, applies to everyone who uses VERYCHAT. By using VERYCHAT, you agree to this policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please refrain from using VERYCHAT.

We reserve the right to update this policy at our sole discretion in accordance with the Terms of Service.

Terms defined and used in this policy have the meanings assigned to them herein; terms not defined in this policy are defined according to the VERYCHAT Terms of Service.

Should you have questions regarding this policy, please contact us using the details provided at the end of this document.

1. General Provisions

1.1 Introduction

VERYCHAT aims to positively impact users' lives and provide a beneficial platform through the creation of a safe and convenient WEB3 ecosystem.

We continually strive to improve and innovate VERYCHAT. Part of our goal is to ensure that users can use VERYCHAT safely and in a manner acceptable to all users. This policy establishes rules to ensure proper behavior when using VERYCHAT.

We have developed this policy while receiving ongoing feedback from users and industry experts, ensuring it incorporates various ideas, perspectives, and information. We welcome feedback at any time. If desired, you can contact us using the details provided at the end of this policy.

1.2 Policy Enforcement and Violations (or Potential Violations)

If you violate (or are reasonably seen to violate) this policy, we may, at our discretion, take some or all of the following actions:

a. Warn you about the violating behavior.

b. Prohibit or delete content related to the violation (or suspected violation).

c. Publish a cautionary notice about the violation or suspected violation to the content's recipients.

d. Restrict certain functionalities of the account or suspend or terminate the account.

e. Notify and cooperate with the appropriate government authorities and/or law enforcement if we reasonably believe a crime has been committed or if there are other legal obligations, depending on the jurisdiction.

While we aim to apply this policy consistently across all jurisdictions, some jurisdictions may specifically require us to apply parts of this policy differently. Additionally, as the laws applicable to VERYCHAT evolve, be aware of changes in laws and regulations that apply to users in different jurisdictions.

To report another user you believe might have violated this policy, refer to the contact details in Section 12 of this policy.

1.3 Method of Policy Application

We will attempt reasonable measures in applying this policy and determining whether content or behavior violates this policy. For more detailed information on what is considered a violation of content or behavior under this policy, refer to the rest of this document.

We will ensure this policy always reflects our values and applicable laws and regulations while guaranteeing that using VERYCHAT remains a safe and enjoyable experience for users, by collaborating with users and third-party experts.

1.4 Detecting Harmful Content

In compliance with applicable laws (including international laws applicable to our affiliates), we develop and deploy automated processes to detect and prevent harmful content (including content that violates relevant laws or regulations) from entering, being utilized, or remaining on VERYCHAT. We may refuse or remove content that violates this policy from being available on VERYCHAT or transmitted through VERYCHAT. If you have questions about actions taken under Section 1.4, you can contact us at

2. Violence and Crime

Violent, criminal, illegal, or inappropriate content on VERYCHAT is prohibited.

We aim to promptly delete all content that poses a clear threat or harm to public safety as realistically possible.

Moreover, all content that violates relevant laws or regulations will be deleted as realistically possible.

Such content or behavior may include:

a. Threats against others – including statements of intent to commit violence (including murder or solicitation of murder) or other criminal acts (e.g., kidnapping).

b. Instructions on manufacturing weapons or explosives.

c. Misinformation responsible for imminent violence or physical harm.

d. Organizations involved in or purposed to promote illegal activities.

e. Promotion or endorsement of violent crimes, theft, and/or fraud.

f. Encouragement or assistance in future criminal activities.

We prohibit the activities of any organization or individual involved in any of the above, including all related assistance or encouragement.

In other jurisdictions, crimes and/or illegal activities may include:

g. Terrorist activities, organized hate, kidnapping, human trafficking, or organized crime activities.

h. Acts of violence – for example, murder, harm to people or animals (excluding legal activities such as boxing, hunting, or food preparation).

i. Provision of illegal goods or services – for example, contract killing, sale of banned or illegal products, sale of goods or services obtained illegally (e.g., stolen information or goods), distribution of counterfeit currency.

j. Theft.

k. Vandalism/property damage.

l. Swatting – falsely reporting an emergency situation.

m. Fraud/embezzlement or money laundering.

n. Activities violating consumer protection requirements – Including false advertising and trading in counterfeit goods/services.

o. Gambling.

Detailed information on various illegal activities prohibited on VERYCHAT is specified in the remaining sections of this policy.

3. Personal Safety

We aspire for VERYCHAT to be a safe environment for all users.

To achieve this, we prohibit all content or behavior related to, depicting, promoting, encouraging participation in, or advocating for the following:

a. Suicide and Self-harm - Including euthanasia, physical injury, rapid weight loss, and dangerous cosmetic procedures.

b. Child Exposure and Exploitation - Including all content where an adult seduces a minor (and vice versa).

c. Sexual Exploitation of Adults - For example, involving non-consenting adults in paid sexual services or other forms of pornography, regardless of consent for public distribution.

d. Harassment and Bullying - Especially targeting minors, including acts of harassment and all related methods of contact (e.g., messages or calls).

e. Human Exploitation - For example, human trafficking (depriving a person of freedom for profit) and smuggling (facilitating illegal entry or convenience), regardless of the presence of coercion, force, or sexual elements.

f. Other behaviors that (in our view) could upset or cause distress.

4. Privacy and Protection of Personal/Confidential Information

We are committed to protecting users' privacy and personal/confidential information and prohibit sharing or disclosing such information without explicit consent or other legal basis. The prohibited actions include:

a. Identity Theft

b. Posting personal information without consent ("doxing" – publishing the identity information of a data subject with the intent to harass, warn, or cause distress)

c. Posting information obtained through hacking or other illegal or unethical means

d. Unauthorized disclosure of residential/safe housing

e. Posting information about minors

Furthermore, we always handle and protect users' personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Offensive Content

We prohibit content and behavior in VERYCHAT that is considered offensive and likely to upset or harm individuals and/or the public. This includes but is not limited to:

a. Hate Speech – For example, direct attacks based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or any other form of "inhuman" speech or imagery.

b. Graphic Depictions of Violence – Including violence against humans and animals, regardless of life or death.

c. Exposure and Sexual Acts

d. Sexual Solicitation – For example, sharing pornography or explicitly suggesting/requesting sexual services.

e. Cruel and Insensitive Material or Other Forms of Abuse – For example, targeting victims who have suffered severe physical or emotional harm, advocating for death, revenge pornography, and false accusations (e.g., false and negative claims about character/capabilities).

6. Authentic Content and Behavior

Our goal is to maintain trust in the content and behavior on VERYCHAT by eliminating fake news, misinformation, disinformation, false advertising, fraud, and security breaches.

To this end, we prohibit the following content:

a. Spam Content – Includes the use of fake accounts or compromising someone else's account to send messages to people or create content in other ways, and attempts to engage with other users fraudulently (e.g., using false login information or distributing false information).

b. Manipulation or Interference with VERYCHAT – Includes acts that manipulate or interfere with another user's use of VERYCHAT.

c. Cooperation, Dissemination, Distribution, or Participation in False Actions – Related to fake news, misinformation, or disinformation, and concerning topics or individuals.

d. Using VERYCHAT on behalf of government authorities in complete secrecy.

e. Distributing synthetic or manipulated content (including deepfakes) that could harm others, such as false information or disinformation.

Laws are enforced in various jurisdictions regarding this matter. We will comply with such laws as necessary (including responding to government requests and court orders). For details on how we process government requests, please refer to our Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines and Government Request Policy.

7. Misuse of VERYCHAT

7.1 General Principles

Misuse of VERYCHAT is prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

a. Misrepresenting one's identity - For example, using a false name or date of birth, uploading a false photo impersonating an identity, misleading users or VERYCHAT about the source or origin of content.

b. Creating false accounts or multiple accounts to misuse VERYCHAT.

c. Creating accounts after being banned from using VERYCHAT.

d. Providing false information to us - including during the registration process.

e. Sharing an account with other users.

f. Using VERYCHAT to harass other users.

g. Violating new registration requirements applied by us from time to time.

7.2 Infringement of Our Rights and Technical Interference with VERYCHAT

The use of VERYCHAT in a manner that infringes (or potentially infringes) our rights or technically interferes with VERYCHAT is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

a. Using or exploiting our intellectual property (including trademarks, brand names, logos, proprietary information, or the layout or design of pages) or infringing any other intellectual property rights (including attempts to reverse engineer any application or software used to access VERYCHAT).

b. Accessing VERYCHAT to collect or process all content provided through VERYCHAT, or changing the direction of communication through VERYCHAT, using automated bots, software, engines, crawlers, scrapers, data mining tools, or attempting such actions.

c. Using "framing," "mirroring," or other techniques to simulate the appearance or functionality of VERYCHAT.

d. Attempting to disrupt or disrupt another user's or any other party's access to VERYCHAT.

e. Intentionally distributing viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted files, or other malicious codes or items.

f. Investigating or testing the vulnerability of VERYCHAT, our systems, or other users' systems, or bypassing security features in any other way (or attempting to do so).

g. Decompiling, reverse compiling, or reverse engineering VERYCHAT software, except where such actions are not prohibited by relevant laws and regulations.

h. Secondarily licensing, renting, leasing, or selling VERYCHAT software.

i. Using VERYCHAT software to access any system, account, or data without authorization.

j. Charging others, directly or indirectly, for the use or access to VERYCHAT software.

k. Directly or indirectly suggesting our endorsement or warranty of any product, service, or content.

l. Copying, downloading, or using VERYCHAT software.

m. Removing, obfuscating, or altering copyright notices, trademarks, or other proprietary rights notices within or outside VERYCHAT software.

n. Misrepresenting the source or ownership of VERYCHAT software.

o. Copying, reproducing, modifying, altering, translating, or creating derivative works from VERYCHAT software, or renting, leasing, lending, performing, sublicensing, making available to the public, broadcasting, distributing, transmitting, or otherwise using the entirety or a part of the item, or attempting such actions.

p. Attempting to confuse or disrupt VERYCHAT software – including manipulating the legitimate operation of VERYCHAT software.

q. Using cheats, exploits, automation software, or unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with VERYCHAT software.

r. Disrupting or overloading computers or servers used to offer or support VERYCHAT software, or disrupting or overloading other users' use of VERYCHAT software.

s. Developing plugins, external components, compatible or interconnected components, or other technologies that interact with VERYCHAT software, unless explicitly allowed through VERYCHAT (in which case, the use of such VERYCHAT software is subject to additional terms of service as notified by us).

7.3 Prohibited Users

You may not register for or use VERYCHAT if:

a. You have been convicted of child abuse or sexual offenses.

b. You are under 13 years of age or considered a minor in your jurisdiction.

c. Your account has already been terminated, and you have been notified that you can no longer use VERYCHAT or any of our other services.

8. Regulated Goods and Services

In some jurisdictions, certain goods and services may be illegal, require qualifications for distribution and/or sale, or be subject to restrictions.

We recognize that various goods and services can be treated differently across jurisdictions. This requires a balance between our goal of applying this policy fairly and consistently to all users internationally.

Therefore, in some cases, the sale or distribution of certain items may be completely prohibited. In other scenarios, we may allow the sale or distribution under specific restrictions (for example, age or geographical restrictions) that we announce, taking into consideration relevant laws and guidelines. These restrictions can be updated at our sole discretion.

Restricted items may include:

a. Drugs – including prescription medicines and other non-medical or recreational drugs requiring approval or other legal authorization for distribution (e.g., marijuana).

b. Firearms, ammunition, and other violent weapons – including the files for 3D printing of such items.

c. The sale or trade of human organs and body parts, including human blood.

d. Alcohol and tobacco products.

e. Cosmetic procedures – including weight loss products.

Additional restrictions (including detailed restrictions) may be specified in other relevant terms and conditions.

9. Handling of Intellectual Property and Other Content by Us

We place a high value on intellectual property rights and aim to ensure that VERYCHAT always complies with all applicable intellectual property laws and regulations. We reserve the right to delete content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights and/or other proprietary rights of any party at any time.

The handling of intellectual property and other content involves:

a. Our Terms of Service – relating to the general use and distribution of content on VERYCHAT.

b. Our Copyright Policy – relating to the procedure for contesting copyright infringement on VERYCHAT and the method for removing such infringing content.

c. Our Privacy Policy – relating to how we handle, use, and/or store personal information collected.

d. Our Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines and Government Request Policy – refer to Article 10.

Additionally, we comply with the following requests (according to applicable laws and related VERYCHAT policies):

e. Requests for deletion of one's own account – including requests by parents for the deletion of a minor's account.

f. Requests by verified immediate family members or executors to remove the account of a deceased user.

g. Requests by authorized representatives to remove the account of an incapacitated user.

h. Requests for the deletion of materials related to minors under certain circumstances.

10. Requests from Government Authorities

10.1 We receive various requests related to VERYCHAT from government authorities. These requests are processed as follows:

a. When made by law enforcement agencies or in accordance with legal proceedings (e.g., court injunctions, court orders, subpoenas, police investigations), we will handle such requests in accordance with our Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines.

b. When made by government authorities in a manner other than described in (a), we will handle such requests in accordance with our Government Request Policy.

11. Promotional Political Content

11.1 The following types of promotional political content are prohibited on VERYCHAT:

a. When an individual or entity has paid to post such promotional political content (including related advertisements) on VERYCHAT.

b. When the promotional political content does not comply with applicable laws or regulations.

11.2 "Promotional political content" encompasses all promotional materials related to:

a. Election candidates, political parties, or elected or appointed public officials ("election" includes elections, referendums, or political votes).

b. Laws, regulations, or judicial decisions – including changes to them.

Additionally, we do not allow promotional political content provided or paid for by election candidates, political parties, or elected or appointed public officials.

11.3 Promotional political content may include:

a. Appeals for votes.

b. Appeals for financial support for political purposes.

c. Objections to laws, regulations, or judicial decisions.

d. Advocacy for or against topics covered by promotional political content.

11.4 We acknowledge that the laws applicable to promotional political content may vary by jurisdiction. We will comply with such laws as necessary, including preserving political advertising information and disclosing such information to relevant regulatory authorities. Furthermore, government authorities may request the removal of promotional political content in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and our Government Request Policy.

11.5 We will continue to review this area and may periodically consider implementing specific restrictions or eligibility requirements in certain countries. We will inform users of where such restrictions or requirements are enforced.

12. Contact Information

If you wish to report a violation (or potential violation) of this policy or have any questions about this policy, please contact us at

Addendum for Users Subject to South Korean Jurisdiction

For VERYCHAT users subject to South Korean jurisdiction, the following additional provisions are (i) incorporated into this Acceptable Use Policy, (ii) applicable to your use of VERYCHAT, and (iii) will prevail over the body of this Acceptable Use Policy in case of conflict:

If a post uploaded by a user contains illegal filming or similar content, it may lead to criminal consequences under the relevant South Korean laws.

If a post uploaded by a user contains illegal filming or similar content, leading to criminal consequences under relevant South Korean laws, we may make such posts private, delete them, or refuse to post them in accordance with Article 22-5(1) of the South Korean Telecommunications Business Act.

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